Marian M.

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My lifestyle has changed!

Results: Down 28lbs, 10% Body Fat, and 15 inches Quote: I was raised in the 1950's by the standards that women were couch potatoes. However, I took dance lessons and golf at school. One morning, I saw these crazy women in shorts at 6:30am running around a building across from where I was mailing a letter. I drove to my office and called; I took a risk and signed up. I woke up to the fact that it was okay for me to out grow my family’s norms and let myself listen to my own healer inside. I like that the coaching team gave me a name for what I felt like on the inside, an Athlete… I AM AN INNER ATHLETE. They gave me a place to help me make my outside match my inside while also encouraging me to take another risk; putting myself first for a change. I have lost pounds, gained muscle and added a shinning confidence in my stride. People cannot believe that I am 69 years young as I waltz out on the dance floor for 6 hours in 3.5 inch heels. I have placed top female student in Silver Level Ballroom Dance competitions. I achieved that recognition after 3 months training at Inner Athlete. What else have I achieved you might ask? The truth is the fountain of youth bubbles up from the inside when you come home to your inner athlete. My lifestyle has changed everything for my health, my spirit, and my courage to be ageless.